1. WHO ARE WE?

    • Irondog is currently celebrating 20 YEARS of operation as a Registry\Competition\Magazine and 12 years as an International Canine Registry and Competition (The Irondog Pentathlon+), and World Working Breed Association. We provide reliable service with more information and support than any other Registry in the World. Irondog has been holding shows and sponsoring Clubs since 2001 in Australia.

    • We are the Original American Bulldog Registry in Australia 18 years Strong. Originally called the NABR the registry was started by Tony Tascone in 1992 - then it became the ABRA under Carl Kindred. Dez Auld then purchased the Registry and all the original records. At this time he decided to separate the Registry and Club; and as President of the original American Bulldog Club of Australia put out a tender for someone to take over the Registry. Isabell Pruska and Samantha David were each given a seed of the Registry and signed a binding contract. Later Mat Furlong aquired the Registry from Isabell and Dez Auld from Samantha. Today the only recognized registries in Australia are the ABRD (Mat) and Irondog (Dez). In short they are the same original Registry with Irondog holding all the original records. Dez decided to have the two sources of Registration to increase availability and promote competition. Today Irondog also registers many of Designer and Boutique breeds of canines.

    • For all Enquiries please contact Dez Auld on 0449889548 or on 061 449889548
    • 10 Station Road Riverview QLD, Australia 4303
    • Contact us by email:

    • WHO IS DEZ AULD: Dez Auld known simply as "the bulldogman", is the founder of Grand Ridge Kennels one of the oldest American Bulldog Kennels in Australia formed more than ten years ago. These days Dez has just two American Bulldogs and is more about promoting the Breed than just his own Breeding Program. Dez has owned Bulldogs for 20 years and worked with Protection Dogs for more than 30 years. Dez ran the Bulldog Rescue in NSW, SA, and Victoria for 7 years saving and rehabilitating many Bulldogs. Dez is a renowned Bulldog Expert and Judge. He was at one time the most successfull Breeder and Trainer of Bulldogs for Protection in Australia. His contribution to Bulldogs and the Bulldog community is significant. Dez's passion is "Breeding Better Bulldogs" and preserving the orginal Bulldog as a companion and bodyguard. Many Grand Ridge Kennels Bulldogs have protected people's lives and homes and yet have the intelligence, loyalty and good nature to become much loved family pets; coexisting with other dogs, cats and birds. Quite a number have been placed with blind, disabled and elderly people.


      Dez grew up in "the school of hard knocks" and has spent the last three years as a "Christian Minister" working tirelessly for the poor and disadvantaged of Ipswich, Queensland (for various charities and The Presbyterian Church). Dez is also a qualified MCSE and DBA. He is a Registered Boxer Fighter and Registered Global (Amateur) Boxing Trainer (Blue Card Holder). Dez was raised with game dogs; and Bulldogs go way back in his family. He has photos of real Bulldogs (kept for protection) going back to his Great Grand Father who was the Publican of the notorious "Blind Beggar Pub" near the wharfs of London.

    2. MISSION

    We exist to preserve and promote responsible Dog ownership and community World Wide.



    3.1 We value, respect and include all Dogs

    The partnership of Man and Dog has existed for 7,000 years - and some say 100,000. This relationship has been of great value to mankind. The word "Dog" comes from ancient Greek. The root of this word means slave. Today dogs are more than servants or property they are companions and treasured members of our families. Our reasonable service in return to them them is to treat them with kindness and respect. We oppose discrimination against "Dog Breeds" or "crossbred" dogs. We support the diversity of purpose for dogs and the many style of competition.


    3.2 Responsible Ownership

    When dogs get into trouble it is the owners who should take responsibility. We do not accept that particular dogs breeds should be blamed but rather that dog owners accept responsibility for a dogs care, behavior and protection.

    3.3 We seek to preserve and promote Dogs

    All dog breeds are a wonderful part of God's creation and should be preserved. People are born to create and through time many Dog Breeds have been established. We promote the ongoing establishment of new, Boutique and designer dog breeds. Supporting the preservation of the nature and abilities of dogs as well as their confirmation is of paramount concern to us. Dog breeds were created to perform specific jobs and we promote working dogs created to perform a task or as companions and protectors.

    3.4 Integrity

    3.4.1 Code Of Conduct

    Of Supreme Importance are the Accuracy of our Records and all registrations are triple checked to ensure Quality of Service (before being posted). Nothing is more important to Irondog than ensuring that our records are absolutely accurate and completely authentic and we make enquiries with Breeders , Registries and Clubs to confirm details where appropriate. There are many checks in the registration process to safe guard against fraud. Every instance of fraud will be pursued. We are 100% committed to Authenticity and actively seek involvement with other Registries and Local Clubs to help protect against registration forgery.

    3.5 Quality Service

    3.5.1 Client Service Charter

    As a trusted organization we strive to provide a High Quality and Affordable Service. Our promise of service quality is that 99% of Registration Papers are processed within 30 days of receiving all required information and payment. Our paperwork is of High Quality and all Full Registrations can optionally include an 8 Generation Super Pedigree detailing 20 years or more of of your Dogs History (where available). All pedigrees are delivered in solid postage cylinders.
    • Standard Registrations are $50.00 per Dog or Puppy.
    • Litter Registrations (limited) are provided at $10.00 per puppy to Members
    • Breeder Registration is $100.00 for life and includes an exclusive 3 letter breeder prefix included in every puppy serial number. Breeders are listed on the Web Site.

    • Limited Registration (Puppy Certificates) are upgraded and ownership transfered for $50.00 including postage.
    • At the time of transfer "Super Pedigrees" (8 generations) are available for $100.00 including transfer of ownership and Registration Upgrade. At other times Super Pedigrees are $100.00 also.
    • All prices include postage. There is no GST.